Rainbow Knit Blockers packaging:
Pack of 20 Knit Blockers (12 Knit blockers having 8 pins & 8 Knit Blockers having 4 pins).

2 pcs. left


An innovation that makes blocking super quick and convenient.
Our bright and beautiful blocking tools are durable and help you block your projects effortlessly.
Rainbow Knit Blockers useful for small and large projects alike, these blocking tools are essential for knitters and crocheters who want to finish their work well.
Having more than one pin tip, our knit blockers make blocking wide-width projects easier.
Anchor holes in each blocker allow you to attach a string along the longer side, which can be pulled to maintain even tension. Made of durable plastic, with rust-resistant pins, our knit blockers help you to expertly finish your projects.

Rainbow Knit Blockers


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