Gleener fabric shaver & lint brush available in white.
Supplied per 1 piece.

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The Gleener fabric shaver & lint brush ensures that your clothing, furniture and home accessories last longer, look better, so that you can enjoy them for longer. It keeps synthetic, cotton and woollen fabrics lint-free. Friction, washing or wear can cause fabric to pill. That results in the entire surface being covered in lint, suddenly making it look old and worn out. With this fabric shaver, lint will soon be a thing of the past.
The fabric shaver fits comfortably in the hand due to its ergonomic design and comes with three different attachments-edges that can be attached to one end:
  • Edge 1: suitable for thick, woollen fabrics, carpets, coarse knitted scarves and furniture upholstery made with heavier fabrics
  • Edge 2: suitable for materials such as cashmere, merino wool and other finer wool types
  • Edge 3: suitable for lightweight summer knits, t-shirts, silk and other delicate fabrics
Changing the attachment is very easy. The edge-attachment gets released when you press the black button. Right after, you can simply click the desired attachment back in. The other end of the Gleener fabric shaver serves as a lint roller for removing dust, lint and pet hair from your clothes, for example. You do not need power or batteries to use the Gleener fabric shaver, which makes it also environmentally friendly. Each pack contains the fabric shaver, 3 attachments-edges and a handy travel and storage bag.

Gleener fabric shaver & lint brush

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