KnitPro Mindful Stitch markers set contains 60 ring markers in 3 sizes (20 x small, 20 x medium and 20 x large), 20 locking stitch markers and 20 split rings.
They come in the characteristic green-blue colour of the KnitPro Mindful collection.
The set is packaged in a matching drawstring cloth pouch.

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These KnitPro Mindful Stitch markers are stylish and very handy to use. Knitting as a mindfulness practice is a central concept in this collection. Focusing on the rhythmic, repetitive motion of the knitting needles has a calming effect and is stress-reducing. This has a healthy effect on body and mind.
This set consists of stitch markers in five different shapes for different applications:
  • The ring markers in 3 different sizes can be moved around the needle during knitting, placed between two stitches, to mark a specific spot, or to indicate a decrease or an increase. Because they are provided in different sizes, there is always a suitable stitch marker for every needle size.
  • The locking stitch markers can be used as a ring marker, but can also be added and removed later, for example to indicate the exact place where the sleeves should be in the body of a sweater or cardigan. Further, they can be used to temporarily join different pattern pieces, for example when trying on a clothing piece or assembling a handmade garment.
  • The split rings can be used as ring markers, but can be easily removed again.

KnitPro Mindful Stitch markers

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