Lantern Moon Finishing needles set consists of 3 different needles with sizes 2.25, 2.75 and 3.25mm.

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Lantern Moon produces unique ebony crochet hooks and knitting needles. Ebony is a very hard black-coloured wood that hardly splinters. In addition, there is hardly any shrinkage or expansion with dry ebony. All these properties make the specific type of wood the perfect material for durable knitting and crochet hooks. With Lantern Moon you get beautiful, high-quality and durable handicraft products.
These Lantern Moon finishing needles are ideal for working away yarn ends in your crochet or knitting projects. The needles are made from ebony wood and have a large eye, which is made with flexible plastic. This makes threading easy, even if the yarn ends are slightly frayed. The connecting piece between the needle and the eye is made from brass, which is luxuriously finished with 24k gold. The needle tip and the connecting piece are seamlessly joined and the needle does not get caught in your crochet or knitting.

Lantern Moon Finishing needles


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