ThisDMC Fabric for fine punch needle is sturdy, has a fine structure and is made from 100% cotton, which makes it ideal for punching with a fine punch needle. Of course the fabric is also suitable for traditional embroidery techniques.
Available in white and ecru.
Sizes: 61 x 50.8cm.
The embroidery fabric is rolled up in a transparent rectangular tube to prevent damage, creases and folds.



This versatile cotton embroidery fabric by DMC is ideal for punch needling with a fine punch needle.
Punch needling is an old handicraft technique that is becoming popular again these days.
The punch needle technique is similar to embroidery, where loops are created on one side of the fabric to give depth to the work and flat satin stitches on the other. By combining the stitches, the embroidery gets a nice relief effect.
This characteristic makes this technique very suitable for beautiful home decorations, such as paintings or wall hangings.
In addition to the fabric, punch needling requires a punch needle and an embroidery hoop.
Punch needle set: