Material: 47% viscose, 41% polyester, 12% metal fibre.
Yardage: 560m/25g.
Needle: 1,5 mm.
Gauge: 40 = 10 cm.
Washing instructions: Carful handwash or dry clean.
Material Consumption of Kremke Soul Wool Stellaris for women’s jumper size M: 200g.



I never thought I would like sparkle yarns, until I saw this yarn in this huge color collection. It is soft and easy to work with. If knitted alongside with other yarns it adds nice sparkles to the knitting. But you can also work with it with 2 or 3 threads to create stripes or contrasting rims. It is made with metallized Polyester and spun in Italy.

Kremke Soul Wool Stellaris  1567602559


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