Hand knit knee high socks of merino wool.

Socks are hand knitted from 100% merino wool. Exceptionally soft, naturally breathable and warm even when wet, merino wool regulates your body temperature, has a great warmth-to-weight ratio, naturally controls odor and stretches as you move.

Please select the size you need:
Newborn: 8 cm;
0-3 months: 8-10 cm;
3-6 months: 11 cm;
6-12 months: 12 cm;
Toddler: 13 cm+ .

Why merino wool?

100% merino wool – absorbs and evaporates moisture and allows the skin to breathe, maintain a constant body temperature. Merino wool breathes better than any other material to keep your baby warm in the cold and cool in the heat, making it perfect for all seasons and environments. A merino fiber can absorb and retain up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch.

Merino wool keeps babies at optimal temperatures and protected from extremes, neither too hot nor cold, they become more relaxed, sleep longer and in turn, build up reserves. This is especially important for babies that are sick, born prematurely or at low weight.
Merino is soft and comfortable to wear without itchiness. By forming a natural micro-climate around your baby’s body, it is naturally hypoallergenic and safe to use for babies with eczema, allergies and sensitive skin!

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Hand knitted socks should be gently hand washed in lukewarm water, after washing put on a towel and press gently.

Please keep in mind that colors will vary slightly monitor to monitor.