Karen Noe Design Linea Linen material: 75% Linen, 25% Cotton.
Yardage: 260m/100g.
Needle: 3-4 mm.
Gauge: 20 = 10 cm.
Material Consumption for women’s jumper size M: 400g.



Linen is a craft that goes back thousands of years, and the material is admired for its beauty and strength.
Karen Noe Design Linea Linen yarn has an incredible color depths, which derives from the 2 different materials that are combined here. A total of 4 threads are spun together in order to obtain slightly variegating colors. Admittedly, Linea Linen by Karen Noe doesn’t seem like a typical “flattering” yarn at first glance. But anyone who has ever owned an item of clothing made of linen knows how beautifully soft the material becomes after washing. This yarn has a noble, silky shimmer and is particularly comfortable to wear in summer because it has a cooling effect and does not stick to the body. In contrast to other linen yarns, Linea linen is wet spun and therefore has a particularly beautiful, smooth thread. This also means that the yarn does not fluff like other linen yarns.
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